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Code of conduct

  • Respect path closures and designated quiet zones.
  • Leave no traces such as rubbish or animal droppings, treat your way carefully.
  • Act proactively and considerately. Adapt your behavior to the situation at hand. Safety first.
  • Respect other users of forest and field.
  • Be considerate of animals and plants.
  • Plan ahead and take advantage of the daylight. Try to avoid twilight in the morning and evening.
  • Note the ban on entering agricultural areas during the growing season.
  • Stay on the marked trails and avoid forest edges, so wild animals can get used to people more easily.


All of us in the district of Göppingen use and share forest and fields together. Be it in your free time as a hiker, jogger, mountain biker, dog owner, horse rider or looking for relaxation, in the context of forestry and agriculture or hunting. We are committed to a to a cooperative partnership in the interest of all of us in the woods and fields as representatives of

Schwäbischem Albverein (Swabian Alb Club),
Deutschem Alpenverein (German Alpine Club),
Allgemeinem Deutschen Fahrradclub (General German Bicycle CLub),
locally organized mountainbike groups and the Deutsche Initiative Mountainbike (German Initiative Montainbike),
Forestry and agriculture,
Nature conservation authorities and state nature conservation association,
District hunters association),
Forestry association,
Equestrian associations,
Erlebnisregion Schwäbischer Albtrauf and Touristikgemeinschaft Stauferland,
Municipalities and district administrations

This means for us and our actions:
 An intact nature and landscape are the basis for our activities in the woods and fields. We are committed to their preservation and respect and support for nature and landscape conservation.
 Forests and fields in the district of Göppingen offer enough space for sustainable agricultural and forestry uses and hunting, as well as all ecologically justifiable leisure activities.
 We respect the retreat areas for wild animals. We respect the interests and interests of other forest and field users. Mutual consideration for encounters "outside" is a matter of course for us.
 We support the further development of the district-wide network of leisure trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. The sensible visitor guidance for these touristically most important leisure activities as well as the creation of quiet zones avoids unnecessary conflicts of use.
We practice and promote the dialogue between the individual forest and field users, e.g. within the framework of the exchange of interests in the conception of leisure paths. Understanding for each other comes from encounter!
 We act transparently: we announce plans and measures that affect other users, e.g. road closures or events, we take note of them and look for common ones Solutions.
 We support the principles mentioned here with our own partners, employees and club mates as well as in tourist marketing on site and in this way promote common cooperation in and for forest and field in the district of Göppingen.