RadWanderBus / BikeHikeBus

Gets you comfortably up to the plateau of the Swabian Alb on Sundays and public holidays

Information about timetables and tariffs can be found in the brochure (only available in German): VVS-RadWanderBus Broschüre

BikeHikeBus district of Göppingen

The RadWanderBus / BikeHikeBus Reußenstein will run from May 1st on Sundays and also on public holidays. Appropriate excursion weather is programmed.

Timetables, tariffs and further information can be found on the VVS website.

Mouth / nose protection

As currently mandatory in public transport, mouth and nose protection must also be worn on the RadWanderBus / BikeHikeBus. This applies in particular when loading the bicycles. The instructions of the driver are to be strictly followed.

Increased journeys for a pleasant experience

The RadWanderBus / BikeHikeBus (lines RW1 and RW2) runs from May 1st to the penultimate Sunday in October on Sundays and public holidays from Göppingen (ZOB, bus platform L) to the Reußenstein castle ruins. The Reußenstein can also be reached with another RadWanderBus / BikeHikeBus from Kirchheim/Teck S-Bahn station/ZOB (line 170), which was developed in cooperation with the district of Esslingen.
Since 2016, there have been two additional morning trips from Göppingen, meaning that the bus runs every hour between 8:25 a.m. and 12:25 p.m. In the afternoon it runs every two hours until 3:25 p.m. The two new journeys operate as line RW2 with a changed route via Bezgenriet to Bad Boll, so that bicycles can be taken along here. Since 2016, there has also been a new stop on the Kirchheim line for taking bicycles at the P+M car park in Aichelberg.

Transportation of bikes

Bicycles (including pedelecs) can be transported on a special trailer. Loading and unloading is possible at the designated stops. The transport of bicycles is free of charge.

Stop RadWanderBus Reußenstein


For reasons of space, tour groups who are taking their bikes with them and wheelchair users are recommended to register their ride at least two days before the respective trip (deadline: Friday, 12:00 p.m.). Due to the high demand, reservations for the Göppinger line can now only be made from the ZOB Göppingen. Passengers with reservations must also occupy their seats ten minutes before departure, otherwise they will be given to other interested passengers. The reservation system for the Kirchheim line will remain as before due to the somewhat more moderate demand.

Contact and reservations:

For departures from Göppingen (lines RW1 and RW2): +49 7335 96 27-0
For departures from Kirchheim (T) (line 170): +49 7025 91 26 63-5


Line RW1
Göppingen – Jebenhausen – Heiningen – Gammelshausen – Dürnau – Bad Boll – Gruibingen – Mühlhausen – Wiesensteig – Reußenstein

Line RW2
Göppingen – Jebenhausen – Bezgenriet – Bad Boll – Gruibingen – Mühlhausen – Wiesensteig – Reußenstein

Line 170
Kirchheim - Holzmaden – Aichelberg - Weilheim - Gruibingen - Mühlhausen - Wiesensteig - Reußenstein